F.E. Moran Special Hazards Systems Power Plants

Power generating plants are comprised of many different areas, each with distinct equipment that has unique hazards.

Implementing a comprehensive fire protection system that includesgeneral contractor testimonial alarm, detection and suppression can be a complex challenge that requires relevant experience and thorough understanding of the intricacies of power generating plants. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the expertise to design and install every facet of a system, from underground and standpipes to chemical and deluge systems, to effectively protect power generating facilities according to NFPA and insurance company standards.

Coal Handling - Fire Protection and Detection for High-Risk Areas

With decades of experience providing fire protection for coal handling facilities, F.E. Moran has an in-depth understanding about how to protect every aspect of coal-fired plants, from conveyors to silos and bunkers. The immense size and inherent volatility of coal handling equipment demands specialized suppression and detection systems that are installed by experienced contractors.


Turbine Areas - Fire Protection for Complex Applications in Power Plants

Oil, deep beam pockets and obstructions are just some of the factors that make implementing fire protection systems in turbine areas a challenge. Through advanced design methods, combined flows and flexible suppression systems, F.E. Moran can provide a comprehensive fire protection system that is designed specifically for the plant's turbine areas.


Solar Power Equipment - Fire Protection for the Newest Technology

Solar power is a growing form of energy generation with newly emerging technology. It is essential to choose a fire protection solution provider that has a comprehensive knowledge of fire protection requirements for a variety of energy generation plants. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has been providing fire protection solutions for power plants for over three decades. Their expertise in fire protection options enables them to design solutions custom to plant needs.


Electrical Equipment - Specialized Solutions for Volatile and Fragile Equipment

The wide range of electrical equipment that is found in power generating plants requires their own individual fire protection solution. Control rooms necessitate a solution that will not damage delicate equipment, whereas transformers must have a suppression system that will be effective in high-voltage areas. F.E. Moran understands the nuances associated with all types of electrical equipment and can implement the most effective protection for each area.

Boiler Buildings - Powerful Fire Protection Systems for Extreme Environments

Providing an adequate fire protection solution for equipment such as pulverizers, burner fronts and air preheaters means implementing robust suppression systems and highly sensitive detection systems. Installing systems with multiple levels of protection with consideration for high temperatures ensures that boiler buildings have sufficient suppression and detection in the event of a fire.

Fuel Handling - Effective Detection and Suppression for High-Risk Areas

Applications that include natural gas require reliable, highly sensitive detection to mitigate risk.  Fuel oil, diesel and other fuels demand effective detection and suppression schemes that are designed to control volatile fires that can ignite in areas where there is a large concentration of high-risk materials.

Cooling Towers - Experience Implementing Systems in All Types of Configurations

There is a wide range of cooling tower varieties, each requiring a unique fire protection solution that will satisfy industry standards. F.E. Moran has the capability to implement detection, suppression and wet-down systems for any scale or type of cooling tower.


Air Quality Systems - The Right Solution for Every Component

Environments such as limestone and FGD areas require fire protection solutions that are designed specifically for their unique hazards. To mitigate risk, fire protection systems must be meticulously designed and installed to safeguard equipment in these areas.