F.E. Moran Fire Protection Chemical Plants
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The hazards that are prevalent in the chemical process industry pose complicated risks that must be addressed with fire protection systems designed to mitigate these specific threats.

Having a thorough understanding of these hazards is critical when designing and installing these systems. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the knowledge and experience to overcome the complex challenges commonplace in chemical plants while strategically implementing a variety of systems to achieve a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Process/Control Equipment – Implementing the Right System for Every Application

Pumps, compressors and processing systems present a unique set of obstacles such as obstructions, outdoor applications and high elevations. Solutions typically require a combination of suppression and detection systems, such as foam and FM-200. F.E. Moran has the expertise to deploy the correct system in these areas, regardless of the complexity of the environment.


Vessels and Structures – Designing and Installing Systems for Challenging Structures

Implementing fire protection systems for the great heights and circumferences of vessels, columns, spheres and tanks demands experienced installers and designers. Through the use of welded pipe and innovative design, F.E. Moran can install durable systems that will protect the key elements of vessels and structural steel.


Materials Transfer and Storage – Proper Suppression and Detection for High-Risk Areas

Areas that are used to house or transfer chemicals require a high level of fire protection because of the elevated risks associated with concentrated areas containing mass quantities of hazardous materials. Through the use of remote monitoring and a multi-faceted suppression and detection system, F.E. Moran can employ a solution that will provide sufficient protection for these high-threat areas.

Reactors – Solutions for Complex Cokers, Crackers, and Support Steel

Due to the complexity of cokers and crackers and associated interconnected equipment, it is often necessary to implement multiple layers of protection to achieve an effective fire protection system. F.E. Moran can provide solutions for the most difficult reactor applications, including support steel and egress areas.


Cooling Towers – Systems to Withstand Corrosive Environments

The corrosive environments found in chemical processing cooling towers can be destructive to detection and suppression systems that are not designed to withstand the harsh surroundings. It is often necessary to utilize unique metals such as copper and titanium and use creative installation methods for subsequent maintenance access to fire protection systems.


Process Buildings – Fire Protection Systems for Delicate, High Voltage Equipment

Structures such as analyzer buildings, MCC's and RIE's present challenges such as delicate equipment, high voltages and air quality systems. Fire protection solutions must be tailored for the specific configuration of each building and often require that installers be cleared to work in restricted access areas.