Video: F.E. Moran Fire Protection Sprinklered a Warehouse Complex the Size of 153 Football Fields!

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F.E. Moran Fire Protection recently completed a HUGE warehouse complex that was the size of 153 football fields!

We spoke with Bret Logemann, VP of Warehouse and Distribution Center Fire Protection in Kansas City.

See our interview below.

Sarah Block (SB): What type of warehouse project was this?
Bret Logemann (BL): It was a totally new warehouse complex. One of our top general contractors brought us into one of the original meetings between the developer, NorthPoint, and the city to get this park started.

SB: Who was our customer on this project?
BL: We worked with NorthPoint, the developer. The owners of the warehouses varied.

SB: How long did the project take?
BL: The first project in this park was awarded in 2013, and they are still building. There could be another 5-10 years, depending on the need for the warehouse space.

SB: Did any obstacles arise?
BL: The available water! At the time of construction of the first warehouse, the water could only support the demand for a 40 foot maximum roof height building. Most warehouses exceed the 40 foot maximum roof deck height.

SB: How did you resolve the issue?
BL: The water district and the developer agreed to have a one million gallon water tower constructed to support the existing water supply in the park.

Our Kansas City office is dedicated to warehouse fire protection. Last year, the U.S. pipeline for warehouse construction was 300 million square feet. That same year, we installed 104,351 ESFR sprinkler heads in warehouses.

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