Updated - Fires in History: Our Lady of the Angels


In honor of the anniversary of the Chicago school fire, Our Lady of the Angels, we have updated and are re-publishing the Fires in History: Our Lady of the Angels article.

See a snippet here:

Only weeks before the holiday season, 95 families lost loved ones in a tragic fire at the Chicago Catholic school, Our Lady of the Angels.  Parents were held back from police lines surrounding the school.  Neighbors were taking in injured kids to shield them from the frigid temperatures.  Kids were jumping from three-story high windows to escape the flames.  The smaller kids were pushed back from the escape route from the bigger kids clamoring through the windows.

Can you believe that the school met fire and building codes? 

This tragedy brought to light the gross lack of codes to protect people and property from fire, especially in public assembly buildings.

After this tragedy, that all changed. 

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