5 Blogs to Keep Property Managers at the Top of Their Game

5 Blogs to Keep Property Managers at the Top of Their Game

Property managers are tasked with taking care of an enormous range of responsibilities.  You need to be people-oriented, taking care of your residents.  You need to stay on top of regulations.  You need to be superbly organized, ensuring that units are in move-in condition and maintenance personnel are readily available in case a unit needs fixed.  In short, property managers have a lot of pressure to be on top of a wide range of subjects.  I have compiled a list of the best property manager blogs around.

1.     Appfolio Blog 

Appfolio posts blogs a few times a week on topics such as, leasing processes, renovations, networking events for property managers, growing your team, and much much more.  The topics are timely and relevant.  I, personally, have managed my own properties before, and I found this blog bingeable. 


2.     Multifamily Insiders

This blog is in the form of a community forum.  Owners, property managers, and investors share their experiences, advice, and tips for renting a multi-unit property.  They share underserved markets, marketing, and controversies in the market.

3.     All Property Management

This blog, updated weekly, has some interesting articles that will get you thinking.  Recent blog posts were on the topics of what to do if you suspect a tenant is dealing drugs, what to do if your tenant goes to jail, and screening factors that SHOULD outweigh the credit score.

4.     Property Management Insider 

PMI gives great advice on branding your property community, renting to the aging community, technology in property management, and more.  The topics are extremely useful with original topics (such as how an apartment added $2500 a week in revenue by adding a vending machine).

5.     Let’s Talk Property Management 

Let’s Talk is geared toward both landlords and property managers.  This site has hundreds of articles on a variety of hot topics in property management – whether it be how to prep for a fall rental, how to attract long-term renters, or educating renters.

Property management can be a tough job.  You are dealing with regulations, the human-touch with landlords and tenants, and property maintenance.  However, these blogs can help you along in the ever-changing landscape of property management.

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