Parking Garage Fire Sprinklers Save Chicago's John Hancock

Parking Garage Fire Sprinklers.png

Fire sprinklers activated in the John Hancock parking garage during a fire, and firefighters are crediting them with saving the iconic high-rise.

About 150 firefighters and 50 pieces of equipment reported to the fire at the John Hancock high-rise building on East Delaware around 9am on Sunday.  The fire started on the 7th floor of the high-rise parking garage.

Smoke went up the stairwell to the 8th floor, causing panic.  However, the fire sprinklers kicked in and kept the fire contained until fire crews arrived.

Illinois parking garage fire protection

The fire started when a vehicle caught fire.

In the United States, vehicle fires happen 287,000 times per year (average).  Parking garages need to be protected with dry-pipe fire sprinklers.

Dry-pipe fire sprinklers are ideal for parking garages because they won't freeze in cold weather.  The water doesn't flood into the pipes until after the alarm is triggered.  However, when tests are completed, water can end up trapped inside improperly pitched pipes.  This trapped water can freeze and cause a leak.  To prevent this, F.E. Moran Fire Protection prefers to add nitrogen systems to dry-pipe sprinklers.    

Dry-pipe fire sprinklers require slightly more TLC than wet-pipe fire sprinklers.  Inspections, testing, and maintenance are necessary.  

F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois specializes in inspection, testing, and maintenance for parking garage fire sprinklers.  If your Chicago-area parking garage is in need of fire sprinkler service, contact us.


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