NY High-rise Fire at Trump Tower

high-rise fire Trump Tower.jpg

This past weekend, smoke and fire could be seen coming from the 50th floor of the Trump Tower in New York.  The fire killed one resident and injured six others.

Here is an excerpt:

Saturday night was not a good sight for New Yorkers as the skies watched the Trump Tower on fire. A massive fire took down the 50th-floor of the building, killing a resident and leaving six injured, CNN reported.

The firefighters arrived at the blazing building at 5:30 PM EST and it was not until 9 PM EST that the New York Fire Department reported that the fire was under control, CNN reported. Speaking to the media, New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the cause of the blaze is unknown. But he added that the residential floors "are not sprinkled."

"The fire was a difficult fire. The apartment was quite large and 50 stories up," he told the media, Chicago Tribune reported. ""It's a well-built building. The upper floors, the residence floors, are not sprinklered," he added.

The publication explains that fire sprinklers were not required in New York City high-rises during the time Trump Tower was built, in 1983.

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