Mattoon Fire Department Fire Sprinkler Training

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Last month, our resident fire sprinkler trainer, Justin James, enjoyed spending the day with the Mattoon Fire Department to teach the department about fire sprinklers.

James is a seasoned trainer who has spent the past year going from fire department to fire department training fire crews about what to do when they go into a building with an active fire sprinkler.

You can learn more about his training here:

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Normal, IL Fire Department Fire Sprinkler Training

November 7-9, 2018, James spent his days with the fire department, training on different scenarios that the crews might run into with fire sprinklers.

You and F.E. Moran have certainly identified a weak area in fire service in terms of limited knowledge and experience with these types of systems.
— Shift Captain Sean R. Junge

See Captain Junge’s full letter below:

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In Conclusion

James has trained over 300 firefighters on working with fire sprinklers and it is his passion. If you want to schedule a free training with James, click here.