Four Residents Found Dead Following Retirement Home Fire

Four Residents Found Dead Following Retirement Home Fire.jpg

A Pennsylvania retirement home, Barclay Friends, had a 5-alarm fire on November 16.  The flames reached 50 feet high and 400 responders arrived, according to the Philly Inquirer.  

It was a sad situatation, but brought the community together.  West Chester University students set up a temporary Red Cross shelter at the Ehringer Gym  This effort was headed by student and Friar Society member Joshua Dandridge.


The facility had 133 residents and 15 staff members evacuated.  

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Approximately three weeks after the fire it came out that four residents died during this fire.  The victims were husband and wife, Delores Parker, 89, and Thomas Parker, 92.  Mildred Gadde, 93, and Theresa Mallory, 85 were the other two victims.  The cause of death for all four were smoke inhalation.

The retirement home did have fire sprinklers (Johnson Controls).  The company spokesperson said they are, "assisting authorities and currently gathering information to find out more details about the fire."

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This is an excerpt from Barclay Friends press release:

"As the day and weekend goes on, residents from Barclay Friends now dispersed over many different communities in and around Chester County will rest, begin to heal, and commence with the longer range planning to support more permanent transitions as they may be needed.”

The statement further read, “As we know more we will be sure to deliver updates. In the meantime, we are heartbroken by what’s befallen Barclay Friends and uplifted by the caring and generosity that surrounds them and us.”