Fire Sprinklers Required in Greek Housing By January 1, 2019

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Greek-affiliated housing owners will need to install fire sprinkler systems by January 1, 2019.

According to the Greek Housing Fire Safety Act, dorms in Illinois are already required to have fire sprinkler systems installed.  This law has been in effect since 2013.

The Illinois Fire Sprinkler Dormitory Act started in 2005 and required all dorms (public or private) to have fire sprinklers by 2013.  The Greek Housing Safety Act was then amended to include fire sprinkler installation in Greek housing.

The Greek Housing Fire Safety Act says that any Greek housing structures built January 1, 2011, or later must be built with fire sprinklers.  Any Greek housing that was built before January 1, 2011, needs to have a retrofit fire sprinkler installation by January 1, 2019.  


Who is responsible for installing fire sprinklers in Greek housing?

In any Greek house, the owner is responsible for installing, funding, and maintaining fire sprinklers for their property.  But, who is in charge of enforcing this law?

In Greek housing that is under the jurisdiction of the local government, they would enforce the Act.  For Greek housing that falls under the jurisdiction of the higher education institution that the students attend, the college or university would be responsible for enforcing the fire sprinkler law. 

What can you expect during a fire sprinkler retrofit?

A retrofit fire sprinkler installation is not as intrusive as it might seem.

F.E. Moran Fire Protection takes steps to make the retrofit as easy as possible for the customer.  

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While we cannot speak for other fire protection contractor's methods, we can tell you how we work with occupants to make retrofits easy for all parties.

  • Coordinate the schedule with staff at the property, so preparations can be made early.
  • Install in zones, so the building will be able to be occupied during the install.
  • Option to install exposed, so walls and ceilings can stay intact, saving money, time, and clean-up.

In Conclusion

Greek housing has a deadline to get started on their fire sprinkler retrofits.  By January 1, 2019, fraternities and sororities need to have a fire sprinkler retrofit plan in place.

The first step to getting started on retrofit fire sprinklers is to get a quote, and now is the time.  Scheduling a retrofit should have 90-days before the installation.  To get a Greek housing retrofit fire sprinklers installed over winter break, scheduling should happen now.