November's Fire Sprinkler Saves

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We are proud to be in the fire protection industry.  It is emphasized even more when we see fire sprinkler saves in the news.  What better reminder that fire sprinklers matter than to get a glimpse into the lives that have been spared thanks to fire sprinklers?

Here are our top five fire sprinkler saves from November.

1.  Fire Sprinkler Saves Apartment Building from Dryer Fire | November 27, 2017


A dryer fire activated fire sprinklers at a Kenosha apartment building.  The fire started inside the fire and spread to the laundry room until the fire sprinklers went off.

"Once it did enter the room, it came into contact with a sprinkler head, which set off the apartment's sprinkler system due to the heat.  It suppressed the fire," said Battalion Chief Matthew Haerter.

There were no injuries.


2.  Fire Sprinklers Save Office Building from Fire during Renovation | November 24, 2017

Firefighters were called to an office building in East Northport when a fire ignited during renovations.  When firefighters arrived, they noted that the fire sprinklers activated and extinguished the fire.  

The fire is under investigation, but it appears that rags soaked in stain started the fire.

3.  Sprinkler Systems Saves Home in View Royal | November 24, 2017

Fire crews were called to the scene of a condo fire at 9:40am.  The fire started in a bedroom, caused by unattended candles and incense.  

"If this hadn't been a sprinklered building, this would have been a significantly different event.  Thankfully, the sprinklers kicked in and controlled the fire.  It's a good outcome today," said View Royal Fire Chief Paul Hurst. 

View Royal has a proactive fire sprinkler bylaw that required all new construction of duplexes or larger to have fire sprinklers.  This law saved the condo complex!

4.  Arson at Women's Health Clinic Extinguished by Fire Sprinklers | November 22, 2017

A women's clinic in Temecula was damaged by arson fire.  Firefighters were called to the scene around 1am on November 22.  When they arrived, the fire was extinguished from the fire sprinklers.

"We were notified about the fire by an alarm company, and by the time our crews reached the location, the fire sprinkler system had extinguished the flames.  The contents of one room were damaged," said Riverside County Fire Department spokeswoman April Newman.


5.  Arson at Walmart - Fire Sprinklers Save the Store | November 22, 2017

A walmart in Cedar Park, TX was set on fire by an arsonist.  The fires were set inside the Walmart at 1:44am.  One in the apparel section, the other in jewelry.  Three sprinkler heads activated, and put out the flames.     

When the news is filled with unfortunate events, it's nice to hear about how fire sprinklers save lives. 

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