Ethanol and Beverage Alcohol Production Facility Fire Protection Upgrade -- Case Study

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Summary: In this case study, you will learn about issues that arose during the installation of a pre-action fire sprinkler system and how the issues were resolved.

  • The facility did not meet fire protection requirements and were fined for not having a pre-action fire sprinkler system.

  • Two problems were immediately identified: no valve house or water supply nearby and conflicting requirements for fire sprinkler nozzle placement.

  • F.E. Moran Fire Protection solved the issues and explained the resolutions in this case study.

An ethanol and beverage alcohol production facility needed to fix some deficiencies in their fire protection system. They reached out to F.E. Moran Fire Protection National to fix the deficiencies, bring the building’s fire sprinkler system up to code, and protect the workers inside the production facility.

Here is a snippet:

When an ethanol and beverage alcohol production facility needed a new preaction suppression system for their rail car loading area installed, they called the F.E. Moran Fire Protection team to get the job done quickly and accurately.

In Pelkin, Illinois, an ethanol and beverage alcohol production facility required a new sprinkler protection plan to cover their rail car loadout station. The F.E. Moran Fire Protection team took on the job to make the necessary addition of sprinklers to the unique facility. These facility upgrades will create a safe environment that is up to code with industry standards. 

Fire sprinklers are essential to fire prevention in production facilities. In fact, when a fire broke out in an Illinois manufacturing building in 2018, sprinklers came to the rescue. Fire Chief Dean Maggos said, “The limited amount of damage to the overall business can be directly attributed to a properly operating fire sprinkler system.” This example demonstrates why the installation of a deluge sprinkler system would also be an integral addition to protecting the rail car loadout station in the Pelkin ethanol and beverage alcohol production facility. 

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