Boost Your Property's Curb Appeal in 2019

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Purpose: To provide property managers and maintenance crews with insights on how to boost curb appeal in mixed-use spaces.


  • Why should a property manager invest in maintaining the curb appeal of mixed-use spaces?

  • Does property maintenance provide a significant return on investment?

  • What are the key qualities of property with curb appeal?

As we continue to take on 2019, many property managers and maintenance crews are working together to plan for the year ahead. One way to add value to your mixed-use property is through investing in curb appeal.

Here, we’ll discuss

  • what curb appeal entails

  • why it’s an important consideration for commercial properties

  • the steps to boost your curb appeal

  • the potential return on investment

What is Curb Appeal?

You drive up to an office building, apartment complex, or medical facility, and what do you see? Are you drawn to the freshly cut grass and the impeccably maintained front entrance? Or, are you turned off by the dingy siding and the missing bricks from the walkway?

The first impression you get when entering a new space is in response to the curb appeal of the property. If the property has curb appeal, it will create a memorable and profound mark on its guests. However, if the curb appeal is lacking, potential tenants or customers may breeze by the property without having a second thought.

Curb appeal is especially important for mixed-use spaces. These facilities house and perform a variety of functions. Whether the property combines residential units with retail spaces or office headquarters, the curb appeal of the facility will need to attract all people that utilize the space.

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Why Curb Appeal Matters for Commercial Properties

Curb appeal is ultra important to mixed-use commercial properties. They serve a variety of clientele and must appeal to them all. So, if you’re trying to attract new clients in a mixed-use, it’s extremely important to have a polished building exterior and surrounding landscape.

In addition, you’ll want to have features that speak to your various tenants and customers. For example, if the property houses residential apartments on top of a commercial ground floor, you must find amenities that appeal to both sets of clients. Apartment tenants may want flowers and landscaping to create an at-home feel, whereas business employees may desire a green space or courtyard to utilize during their lunch breaks.

Steps to Boost Curb Appeal through Property Maintenance

Of course, curb appeal is an essential component of a successful mixed-use facility. The impression that exterior maintenance makes on potential tenants, clients, and customers is worth investing. Whether you already have maintenance systems in place or you’re just starting to focus on the curb appeal of your commercial property, here are some key factors to focus on:

  • Pressure wash the entire exterior of the building.

  • Stay on top of snow, ice, rain, dirt, and other debris buildups.

  • Repave and repaint walking paths and parking areas.

  • Wash all windows.

  • Repaint the front doors.

How to get a Return on Investment from Commercial Property Maintenance

When strategizing how to increase the curb appeal of your property, be sure to make plans ahead of time. Whether you plan to start with something small like washing windows or if you’re going all out with custom landscaping, creating a maintenance agreement will help you through the process. Not only will a maintenance agreement keep you organized, but it will also help you map out your budget and prepare for related expenses so you can end the year with a profit.

There are many inexpensive, yet effective, ways to boost your curb appeal. Although these changes are budget-friendly, they will inevitably have a high return on investment. Here are some examples:

  • Update signage and building numbers.

  • Invest in professional landscaping.

  • Consider landscape lighting.

  • Disguise trash cans and other unsightly items.

  • Provide outdoor leisure options, like comfy seating or a warm fire pit.

  • Upgrade mailboxes.

Additionally, if you invest in your property other people are inclined to invest too. When a property makes necessary upgrades to look and perform better, the price point may increase as well. Clean sidewalks aren’t just eye candy for interested clientele, they provide safe and practical walking spaces — and these everyday amenities don’t go unnoticed by potential clients.

How do you plan on boosting and maintaining your curb appeal?

In Conclusion

If you’re a property manager or part of a maintenance crew looking to enhance your mixed-use this year, be sure to consider curb appeal. There are simple yet effective ways to incorporate attractive aspects to the exterior of your building. Plus, these investments could provide sizable returns on your investments in 2019.

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