Horrific London High-rise Fire, Residents Warn Lack of Fire Safety

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london high-rise fire

London -- Fire crews are still trying to count the dead and injured from a massive fire that broke out in a London High-rise.  At this point, six people were found dead and seventy were injured.

{Update:  As of June 21, 2017, 79 are presumed dead.  As of June 14, 2017, 12 people have been confirmed dead.} 

The residents of this low-income high-rise in the middle of London's poshest neighborhood, Notting Hill, warned that the fire safety was not adequate.  They feared a deadly fire was imminent.

The thick smoke billowed in the air and could be seen for miles.  Witnesses saw people jumping from windows, children banging on locked doors, a woman drop her baby from 12-stories up, and more.

Hundreds of residents tried to escape when the fire broke out at 1am at the Grenfell Tower, a public housing building for poor and disabled residents.  The building was completely engulfed in minutes.

"It was like a horror movie, smoke was coming from everywhere,"said building resident Abeeb.  He managed to escape with his wife and children down nine stories on crutches.  Abeeb reported that no alarms went off.  He learned about the fire when his daughter woke him.  "She said, 'I can see fire' and I opened the door and could see smoke."

Residents have been complaining that the recently renovated building had ignored safety rules.  There were no working fire sprinklers or smoke alarms.  Additionally, there was no easy means of egress.  A witness said that the recently installed exterior cladding "burned like paper."

"It appears that the external cladding has significantly contributed to the spread of fire at Grenfell Tower," said Angus Law, Building Research Establishment Center for Fire Safety Engineering at University of Edinburgh. 

At this point, six people are confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise.  The building houses 500 people.

Read more at the Washington Post. 

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Companies Sue Schaumburg Over New Fire Alarm Policy

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companies sue over Schaumburg fire department

Schaumburg, IL -- Six fire alarm companies are suing the village of Schaumburg over a law that directs the 1,200 businesses to exclusively contact a government contract company for fire alarm calls.

The plaintiffs argue that this law creates a government-backed monopoly, and raises the costs for the 1,200 businesses in Schaumburg from approximately $25 a month to $80 a month.

The Schaumburg Fire Chief David Schumann said that the reason for the law is safety.  Among a sampling of fire alarm calls to private monitoring companies, the response time was higher than his comfort level.  Schumann said that since the Northwest Central Dispatch, the government contracted alarm company, already needed to be contacted for every fire alarm, it just made sense to make them the exclusive company.  He concluded that it removes steps in the process.  It is a more strreamlined and safe process.

Over a 15-month period, the Schaumburg Fire Department found 31 instances of unreliability among private alarm and sprinkler system companies.  All 31 instances were false alarms; however, Schumann said they could have easily been real.  Among other issues, there was a system problem that caused a 10-12 minute delay between the alarm going off and the fire department being called.

One of the plaintiffs said, "It's the fireman's red-light camera.  It's really all about the money, but no fire department will ever say that.  It's just another tax."

Read more about the fire alarm law in Schaumburg here. 

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Cold Storage Facility Ignores Maintenance, Results in Half-million Dollar Bill

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cold storage facility fire protection maintenance

A multi-tenant cold storage facility had multiple dry-pipe fire sprinklers installed, regularly inspected and maintained them. They installed a nitrogen system to keep the fire protection system running better, longer, and it still works like new.

While that would be ideal, that is not what happened with a multi-tenant cold storage facility that contacted us.

From Simple Maintenance to Half a Million Dollars

The property contacted F.E. Moran Fire Protection when the dry-pipe system leaked, unnoticed, and froze. What could have been a $3,000 winter maintenance job, turned into a $500,000 repair project.

The cold storage facility was in transition when the accident happened. The building was in the process of being sold and it appears that it was not being taken care of. The accident occurred when the system tripped, filling with water. If it was found immediately, it wouldn't have been a major issue, but the property manager did not see it. The system continued to leak and eventually froze in the winter months.

Deadlines and Coordination Needs Loom

When F.E. Moran Fire Protection went to the site, they immediately noticed that regular inspections were not done and a lot of work needed to be done to get the system back in proper condition. That was not easy in a cold-storage facility with 10 degree days and several tenants operating their businesses.

The project manager needed to coordinate effectively. He scheduled the fire protection replacement installation around the schedule of the businesses, which were still in operations during the project. In addition, field staff needed to work around forklifts moving shipments all around the facility.

The difficulties continued. The property was in the middle of a sale, and the project needed to be completed before the sale finalized. After taking apart the system, they discovered that the system was not installed correctly, which was part of the reason the system leaked. The system was never installed to accommodate efficient draining.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Are Not a Want, but a Need

In the end, the project manager was able to coordinate with the cold storage tenants to complete the fire protection replacement while they continued their daily operations. The foremen conducted a daily meeting with tenants to coordinate efforts.

While this was happening, F.E. Moran Fire Protection was getting pressured by the sales broker to complete the project faster. In the end, they explained that the system needed to be replaced and it would be finished on time.

The project could have cost as little as $3,000 if inspection, testing, and maintenance were completed regularly, but, because of neglect, the project turned into a half a million dollar service call.

Gavin Hanson, Vice President of F.E. Moran Fire Protection said, "A select few fire sprinkler companies in our market would have been able to complete this project. The team performed exceptionally. This replacement is a classic example of how inspection, testing, and maintenance are a need. Not a maybe. ITM needs to be done to avoid situations like this."

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Ghost Ship Fire - 2 Men Charged with Manslaughter

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Ghost Ship Fire

Oakland, CA -- Two men were charged with 36 counts of manslaughter in the deadly Ghost Ship fire.

The men charged were the leaseholder, Derick Almena, and the building super, Max Harris.  They were arrested Monday and charged with 36 counts of manslaughter from the fire.

The warehouse was illegally occupied when the fire ignited, causing one of the deadliest structural fires in the United States in a decade.  The charges were because they "knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape.  They then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions," according to Nancy E. O'Malley, district Attorney for Alameda County.

The warehouse was illegally occupied, and there was a party taking place when the fire ignited, trapping many of the party goers.  "The paying guests at the event were faced with a nearly impossible labryrinth of the defendants' making.  They allowed individuals to live in the warehouse and deceived the police, the Fire Department and the owner of the building to that fact.  They allowed large groups to assemble in the warehouse for unpermitted and unsafe musical events in that space."

Read more here. 


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American Fire Sprinkler Association Give $20k to High School Seniors

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American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) offered ten lucky high school seniors a college scholarship, totaling $20k.

These winners were randomly chosen from 70,742 applicants who applied on AFSAscholarship.org.  Each of the ten students won a $2,000 scholarship to their respective college, university, or trade school.  One of the ten national winners was from Des Plaines, IL - Milijana Djurovic.

Eligible applicants needed to be current high school seniors planning to attend an accredited U.S. college, university, or trade school in the upcoming fall semester.

The AFSA scholarship is unique.  They intentionally choose applicants who are not in the fire sprinkler industry.  They do this with the intention of reaching students who would not have recognized the importance of automatic fire sprinklers otherwise.

Learn more about the scholarship here. 

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What is it like to be in the fire protection industry? Check out our interview!

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fire sprinkler industry

Northbrook, IL -- Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in the fire protection industry?  We thought so.  That's why we did our Faces of F.E. Moran series.  Today, you'll meet Colleen Obos, our Commercial Sales Exec and Mike Jankovich, our fire sprinkler designer.

We go over the questions

1)  What keeps you at FPN?

2)  What is your favorite thing about working here?

3)   What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you at work?

4)  What character strength would thrive at FPN? 

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Google's Developer Conference is on Fire (Literally)

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Google I/O Developer

Mountain View, CA -- Authorities have reported that three people were injured in a fire at the Google I/O Developer Conference.

The conference took place at the Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View, California.  The fire ignited in the venue kitchen.

Fire Department personnel said that three people were taken to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.  The fire broke in the kitchen of the venue when the deep fryer was being lit.

The kitchen had fire sprinklers, which immediately knocked out the blaze, limiting property damage.  However, the three people who were immediately in front of the blaze weren't so lucky. 

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Fires in History: The Happy Land Fire

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Fires in History Happy Land Fire

In April 1990, Feliciano thought she was free of Julio Gonzalez. They broke up. They were done. However, on March 25, 1990, he came to the Happy Land Social Club in the Bronx where she worked, by 3 am, 87 people were killed.

The Scene

Julio Gonzalez, a Cuban refugee, was down on his luck in 1990. He lost his job. He lost his girlfriend. He was close to losing his apartment. Gonzalez had nothing to lose when he went to the Happy Land Social Club on March 25, 1990.

In November 1988, the Happy Land Social Club was down on its luck as well. The fire department had ordered them to close because of building code violations. The violations included a lack of fire exits, alarms, and fire sprinklers. The fire department closed them down, but did not continue to follow up. A few weeks after their closure, they re-opened. Richard Travers, deputy Chief at the time said in an interview that task force inspectors issued an order to vacate, checked twice to make sure they vacated, and moved on to other buildings that violated building code. This building, like many others, closed until the inspectors moved on, and re-opened.

The Fire

The evening of March 25, 1990, Gonzalez went to his ex-girlfriend, Felciciano's work to talk. She was a coat check girl at Happy Land Social Club. He was trying to convince her to quit, and she just wanted him to leave. She begged him to leave, and eventually a bouncer escorted him out. He stood outside the only means of egress yelling at the people in the building. He shouted, "I'm going to take this place down."

Soon afterwards, he left and came back with a $1 worth of gas from a gas station. He spread it along the front steps and lit a fire.

A stampede began, and many people were trampled to death. Others died of asphyxiation and the smoke and fire took over. In the end, 87 people died, and only 6 people survived. Feliciano was one of the survivors.

The Aftermath

The fire was one of the largest death toll fires in New York. It was the largest since the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, until the September 11 attacks.

Gonzalez returned home after setting the fire. He removed his gasoline soaked clothes and fell asleep. He was arrested the next day when investigators learned about the argument. He admitted to the event. Gonzalez was charged with 174 counts of murder, two for every victim. He was found guilty of 87 counts of arson and 87 counts of murder. He was sentenced to 25 years for each count, totaling 4,350 years.

The street outside the club was re-named The Plaza of the eighty-seven.


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Fire Survivor Speaks for the Importance of Sprinklers

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Fire survivor speaks about fire sprinklers

Rhode Island -- In February 2003, a fire ignited when pyrotechnics set the building on fire.  A couple was watching the show.  One survived.  One died.  The show was at Station Nightclub, and it has haunted Rob Feeney ever since.

Feeney and his fiance were at the show.  "We knew it wasn't part of the show, but I assumed sprinklers would come on.  Before we knew it, it was taking over the stage.  After it rolled over and the flames hit, people who were right by the stage were immediately burning," Feeney explained.  "I think the most frightening part was, I told my fiance I was going to get her out when I couldn't.  It just...it went too fast." 

This event changed the direction of his life forever.  One day, he was set to be married, enjoying some music, the next, he was on the speaking circuit, advocating for fire sprinklers.  "After my recovery, I was determined to figure out why this happened and what we are doing to prevent it," said Feeney. 

Feeney recently spoke as the keynote speaker for the 2017 State Fire Marshal Conference.

Between 2004 and 2016, there has been an average of one fire sprinkler save PER DAY.  Read more here. 

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Warehouse that Burned Down Did Not Have Fire Sprinklers

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Warehouse that burned down did not have fire sprinklers

Redding, CA -- It was originally reported that fire sprinklers may have been destroyed in a major warehouse fire in Redding, but it has been confirmed that there were no fire sprinklers present in the building.

The warehouse caught fire on Saturday and destroyed the inventory.  Fire crews managed to save the showroom. 

The City of Redding Fire Prevention Division Chief Michael Bachmeyer said that the building was built in the 1940s.  It has been owned by several building owners over the years, but the use of the building remained the same, so it wasn't required to add fire sprinklers.

"As long as a building is always occupied in a manner that it was approved in the past those new codes don't necessarily immediately require retroactive addition of, say, a fire sprinkler in this case, to that building," said Bachmeyer.

Adding fire sprinklers was not required for this building, but, Bachmeyer continued, "99.9% of the time, if it's properly designed, properly installed, and properly maintained, a sprinkler system will hold a fire in check, when it's small, before it can grow to a point it outruns the sprinkler system."

The community has reached out with numerous messages of thanks for a job well done. 


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Man Runs Into Building to Save Beer

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Man Runs into Burning Building for Beer

Sioux Falls, SD -- A man ran into a burning building...twice... to save his beer when his apartment complex caught on fire.  He was arrested, but at least he has his beer.

The South Dakota man is facing charges when police say he ignored orders to evacuate the apartment complex that was on fire.  The 56-year old man ran through police barricades to go into the burning building and retrieve his beer.  He then ran in again to get more.  He came out with a pair of Bud Ice beers.

"It's not advisable to push past (police) and (firefighters) in an attempt to 'save your beer,'" police said in a Tweet Sunday evening.

The man's blood alcohol level was .082, and he was charged with obstruction and violating his 24/7 sobriety program.

Firefighters reported to the scene when smoke was found coming from the first-floor apartment at 12:30 pm.  The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes.

One person was pulled from the building by residents.  Two people were treated for smoke inhalation.  One person was more seriously injured and taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and burns.

Read the full story here. 

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4 Major Fires This Week + How They Effected the Community

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4 major fires

Four major fires had major effects in their communities across the U.S.  Towns evacuated, millions in damage, multiple businesses destroyed and more in this blog post. 

1)  More than 160 Evacuated Because of Sawmill Fire 

In Southern Arizona, over 160 people have been evacuated due to the Sawmill Fire.  It began on Sunday morning and has burned 40,350 acres.  It is currently 20% contained.  Authorities have confirmed that it is human caused.  One of the first people evacuated was the Green Valley Fire District Chief Chuck Wunder.  He described the experience as "humbling."  

2)  Fire Caused $1 million in Damage at Public Storage Facility 

A fire at a public storage facility in St. Petersburg, FL caused $1 million in damage.  Crews responded to reports of smoke and found that 20+ storage units had caught fire.  Firefighters had to force open each unit so they could extinguish it.  Weapons and ammunition were stored in one unit. 

3)  Massive Fire Destroys Two Buildings in Westlake and Triggers Evacuations

In a Los Angeles neighborhood, a massive fire destroyed two buildings in Westlake.  The flames erupted around 2 am in a Victorian duplex.  Over 160 firefighters reported to the fire.  About fifty people were evacuated from the area.  Fire crews are bringing in cadaver dogs to ensure that "there were no homeless individuals potentially trapped and in the rubble."

4)  Fire at Lumber Store Turns off the Lights for Hundreds 

In Ohio, a business was destroyed when a fire ignited.  The business was a lumber store, so fuel abounded.  Firefighters reported to the fire and fought for several hours.  They were still on the scene the next day.  They eventually got it under control.  However, not before 650 homes lost power. 

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4 Overlooked Workplace Safety Practices by Reliable Plant

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Reliable Plant:  4 Overlooked Workplace Safety Practices

Regardless of the work environment, there will always be some tasks that have an element of risk. Some carry an obvious risk, like working with dangerous goods and machinery. Others may not be as obvious and will require clear safety guidelines. In each situation, employees must be aware of their surroundings and know how to avoid possible hazards while performing their tasks. Employers must ensure education and compliance.

Following are four frequently overlooked practices that should be considered for every workplace safety plan.

1)  Hydration:  Click Here to Read
2)  Stress Management:  Click Here to Read
3)  Manual Handling:  Click Here to Read
4)  Minimizing Distractions:  Click Here to Read 

By:  Reliable Plant 

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Passaic Apartment Fire Displaced 200 People on Easter Weekend

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Passaic Apartment Fire Displaces 200 on Easter Weekend

Passaic, NJ -- A six-alarm fire ripped through a five-story apartment building in NJ and 200 people were displaced on Easter weekend.

Firefighters from Passaic and Bergen county fire companies reported to the scene of the six-alarm blaze.  It began at 1 pm on Saturday.  The crews battled the fire for five hours by the time it became under control.  Scanner reports showed that hot spots persisted in the 40-unit building.

Residents evacuated and stayed at the high school down the street.  Red Cross volunteers were on hand to help the victims and find alternative housing.

"We're instructing everyone in the community to report to the gym at the high school to get an accurate headcount and make sure everyone is okay," said Mayor Hector Lora.

A witness, Kathryn Veras, who lives in her fifth-floor apartment with her family said, "My boyfriend smelled something burning and we saw smoke in the hallway.  Then the super knocked down the door of another apartment and black smoke came out and we got out."

Only minor injuries were reported, and a triage center was set up at the scene.

"The fire is very labor intensive.  At one point, we were inside and the fire got so intense we were unable to knock it back and had to back out.  Right now we're just trying to contain it to this building and not have it spread," said Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost. 

This was the third fire in Passaic in the last few weeks.

Read the full story + see the video here. 


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F.E. Moran Fire Protection Represent at CEAC Vendor Fair

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CEAC trade show

F.E. Moran Fire Protection participated in the Chief Engineers Association of Chicagoland Las Vegas themed show yesterday, April 12.

The event was Las Vegas themed and guests went from booth to booth to collect poker chips which they could turn in to win prizes.

The show allowed guests to check out new technology and industry services (while having fun!).  You can learn more here.

Chief Engineers Trade Show 


Chief Engineers Trade Show 

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Fires in History | Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Was it arson? Cigarettes? Sewing machine malfunction? In 1911, 500 workers were locked up and left to die when a fire sparked in a garment factory. To this day, the debate rages on. What ignited the fire?

The Scene

On March 25, 1911, the 500 workers streaming into the Manhattan garments factory never expected their lives to change forever. Much like today, immigrants flocked to the U.S. to find a better life. They worked hard to build the American dream and send money home to their families.  Of the 500 workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, many were immigrants between the ages of 16 and 23. Some were as young as 14, working 50+ hours for $12 a week. They were mistreated and put into a dangerous situation.

The garment factory was located on the 8, 9, and 10 floors of what is now known as the Brown Building on New York University's campus. The means of egress were locked during the day to prevent theft, the fire escape only went to the second floor, and the floor was piled with hundreds of pounds of fabric scraps. It was a death trap. And proved to be when 146 workers were killed when a fire sparked and grew out of control, fueled by fabric scraps and sewing machine oil.

The Fire

At 4:40pm, just 20 minutes before the end of the day, a fire sparked in a fabric bin next to one of the cutters on the 8th floor. At 4:45pm, a passerbyer saw smoke coming from a window and pulled the manual fire alarm, alerting the fire department. There was no smoke alarm in the building, so a bookkeeper called to the 10th floor to warn employees. The 9th floor employees were left on their own.

When firefighters arrived, their ladders only reached the 6th floor. People fell from the upper levels, trying to reach the ladders, just to meet their death on the sidewalk below. William Gunn Shepard, a reporter at the scene that day, said, "I learned a new sound that day, a sound more horrible than description can picture - the thud of a speeding living body on a stone sidewalk."

The garment workers were left on their own to escape. The 9th floor had several exits: two freight elevators, a fire escape, and two set of stairs. One set of stairs was blocked by boxes and scraps. The 9th floor workers crammed into the elevators, remaining stairwell, and fire escape. The stairwell helped many, including the two owners and their children, escape to the roof. This stairwell became unusable within 3 minutes as people crammed into it.

The freight elevators helped even more escape. The two elevator operators, Joseph Zito and Gaspar Mortillalo, went up and down 3 times to help people escape, but eventually, the metal began to warp and the workers pried open the elevator doors and jumped onto the elevator car, warping it further, and making it unusable.

Others tried to escape using the fire escape, but it quickly warped and pulled from the building, causing 20 people to fall 100 feet to their deaths. The NFPA said, "fire escapes contributed to the principal elements of tragedy to all fires where panic resulted. Iron is quickly heated and expansion bolts, stays, and fastenings soon pull the frame loose so that the weight of a single body may precipitate it into a street or alley."

Many were trapped because doors were locked from the outside, trapping workers in. The owners locked the doors every day to prevent early departures and theft. The foreman holding the key escaped early into the fire with the key, leaving the workers trapped.

The Aftermath

In the end, 146 people died - 123 women and 23 men. They died from fire, smoke inhalation, and jumping from the building to escape. The Fire Marshall believed that the fire ignited from a discarded cigarette in the fabric scrap bin. However, independent researchers had differing opinions. The New York Times believed that the fire started from the engines of the sewing machines, fueled by an open bucket of oil (used for lubricating the sewing machines). Colliers and The Insurance Monitor both concluded it was arson. Arson was common in the garment industry. As fashions phased out, owners in garment factories would start a fire and collect insurance money as their business profits died out. The owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, of this business had 4 suspicious fires in past businesses and the shirtwaist was going out of fashion.

Blanck and Harris were indicated on charges of 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. However, the defense team couldn't prove that the owners knew that the doors were locked, so they were acquitted. In 1913, there was a civil trial and the men were found guilty of wrongful death. They were ordered to pay $75 per victim. However, the insurance company gave them $60,000, so they ended up making money off the fire. In a later business, Blanck was arrested for locking employees in his factory. He was fined $20.

According to CNN, the triangle shirtwaist factory employees had never had a fire drill. The ASCH building had no fire alarms or sprinklers. Fabric was left all over the factory, fueling the fire. The building was all wood, and the floor was slick with sewing machine oil. Boxes were blocking exits. There was no third interior stairwell, as required by New York City building code. Stairwells opened inward instead of outward. In New York, it was required to have the doors open outward, "if practical." However, the architect did not find it practical because the stairs were close to the door. Lastly, the sewing machines were too close together, making it difficult to move.

Francis Perkins, an eyewitness, saw a woman jump from the building and die right in front of her. She was so inspired to make sure that never happened again that she formed the New York Committee on Safety. She went to an NFPA meeting and spoke about the social and human cost of fire. She said, "We lost not only those workers in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, we lost their valuable services to society as economic factors...It is because that social and human loss is to the community that this problem of fire deserves the closest attention of all people who are interested in the general progress and welfare of humanity...Nothing is so important as human health and happiness....and if it costs dollars and cents to procure...then we must pay...and if it reduces profits we must reduce those profits...You who are more or less technical...must help us by giving...the correct information...which we will be only too glad to use." This speech helped the NFPA come up with the Life Safety Committee.


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Kick Fire Sprinkler Corrosion for Good

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fire sprinkler corrosion solutions

MIC, pinhole leaks, scale build up - it comes in many forms, but it is all based in one thing: fire sprinkler corrosion. It costs facilities millions every year. Corrosion from water and oxygen causes microbial build up and leaks. The result could be anything from a fire sprinkler not activating as it should to a valve trip causing massive water damage. We're going to answer three questions for you today:

1. What causes corrosion?
2. How does a nitrogen generation system work?
3. Why use a nitrogen generation system?


What causes fire sprinkler corrosion?

You are going to find corrosion issues in wet-pipe, pre-action, or dry-pipe fire sprinklers, but it is much worse in dry pipe. Why, you might ask. Dry-pipe fire sprinklers are always filled with compressed air and oxygen is a major component of corrosion. Each quarter, dry-pipe fire sprinklers are tested. Water is sent through the system and drained, but do you ever drain a bathtub and it is bone dry in the end? If you have, tell me your secret. There is always some water left sitting in the tub, same with the fire sprinkler pipe. The water sits there, mixing with oxygen for weeks or months. The combination causes corrosion in the pipe - learn more about the causes of corrosion here. How do we stop corrosion? You get the pipe pitched so the most water drains as possible. You get your drum drips drained regularly, to remove excess water. Lastly, you add a nitrogen generation system.

How does a nitrogen generation system work?

A nitrogen generation system is added to a dry-pipe fire sprinkler system to remove oxygen from the system. Top of the line nitrogen generation systems create 98% pure nitrogen. This eliminates the oxygen from the system. Additionally, nitrogen is very dry. It has a dew point of -71 degrees. The negative dew point dries out any excess water. Ultimately, the nitrogen generation system eliminates the two elements that cause electrochemical corrosion.

Why use a nitrogen generation system?

Studies have shown that by adding a nitrogen system, fire sprinkler pipes made of black steel extend their lifespan from 16 years to 48 years. Fire sprinkler pipes made of galvanized pipe extend their lifespan from 7 years to 92 years. The nitrogen generation system protects the fire sprinkler system in two ways: 1) it removes the elements that cause corrosion; 2) it removes excess water, reducing the likelihood of frozen pipes in the winter.

Dry-pipe fire sprinklers with nitrogen generation systems are safe from corrosion. Kick corrosion for good by adding a nitrogen generation system, drum drips, and properly pitching the fire sprinkler pipes. The cost of protecting your fire sprinkler from corrosion and burst pipes will come back to you tenfold.



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F.E. Moran Fire Protection's service and inspection department provides corrosion management services to reduce the likelihood of a fire sprinkler failure.
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3 Step Guide: Prepare for Inspections like a Pirate

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preparing for inspections

There are several ways property managers, maintenance managers, and other personnel can prepare for a fire protection inspection. You just have to think like a pirate. Pirates have a plan. They have a map. They have a process to get what they want. They have the tools to accomplish their goals. When you prepare ahead of time for an inspection, you can save money by reducing any extra processes an inspector might have to do to access systems he or she needs to inspect.

Here is our three step process for preparing for an inspection.

1) Map like a pirate.

When preparing for a fire protection inspection, you need to find every component of your system ahead of time. The first time an inspector is working with your facility, they won't know where every valve is located, it is your job to map them out and lead the way.

2) Look for hidden places.

As buildings grow through renovations and expansions, sometimes fire protection becomes hidden behind walls. Make sure to note any hidden components of the fire protection system. If the item cannot be accessed, it will be noted on the inspection report and the Fire Marshal will require it to be opened and inspected.

3) Dig for that treasure.

If you found that a component of the fire protection system was hidden, add an access panel so it can be inspected. You might as well do it before the inspection. If not, the Fire Marshal will enforce having an access panel added and you will have to pay to have the inspector come out again. So, save some money and put in the panel ahead of time.

By thinking like a pirate, you pre-plan the treasure hunt. You already know where you're going. You have the fire protection system components mapped out. You have access to everything that needs to be inspected. Once a pirate finds his treasure, he doesn't have to do it again - right? Once you map out the components, provide access, and choose a fire protection contractor to work with consistently, your work is done.

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