Rio Olympics: Athletes Robbed During Fire Evacuation

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Rio Olympics Athletes Robbed in Fire Evacuation

Rio-- The Rio Olympics has had a lot of bad press:  construction worker deaths, plumbing issues, Zika, and now, athletes being robbed during a fire evacuation.

During a fire evacuation at a Rio Olympics hotel, a laptop and Zika-protective team shirts for the Australian team were stolen.  About 100 athletes were evacuated Friday when a small fire broke out at the Olympic Village apartments, which houses the Australian team.

"When I arrived midway through the evacuation, I saw three fire [marshals] walking out with our team shirts.  I should take back fire marshals - I don't know who they were.  They were not team members," said Australian Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller.

Chiller did not question the three people because she thought they were gifted the shirts as a thank you.  "I didn't know if they were volunteers who had been given a shirt because they'd helped us, but it doesn't seem to have been what happened," said Chiller. 

Not only was the Australian team upset over the theft, but the fire alarm was dismantled in their building.  Some team members slept right through the event and were never evacuated.

"I didn't know it even happened, to be honest," Warren Potent, shooter, said. 

"Obviously, that is completely unacceptable that (a) the fire alarm was disabled and (b) that if it had to be, that we weren't warned about that," she said.  The fire alarm was disabled because of maintenance work being completed in the building next door.

Read the full story here. 

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