13 People Dead, Birthday Candles Spark Fire

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13 People Dead in Club Fire

Normandy, France -- At least thirteen people were killed when someone carrying a birthday cake with lit candles fell down the stairs and a fire ignited.

The candles hit a flammable wall and ceiling made with sound-proofing materials.  This, combined with a a tiny gas leak, caused an explosion.  This happened at the Cuba Libre Club in Normandy during a birthday party.  

More than 80 firefighters responded to the fire.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve reported that an investigation has been opened to determine the cause of the explosion.  Mayor Yvon Robert said that it was "totally an accident," believed to be from a gas explosion from "the heat in a basement room doubtless too small for the number of people present."

Apparently, the fire from the candles lit the soundproofing materials that were on the ceilings and walls on fire.  The gas leak than caused an explosion.  "The candles were thrown onto the walls and ceiling where there was soundproofing materials.  There was an immediate conflagration and gas was released."

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