Families of Station Nightclub Fire Victims Upset Over Pokestop

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Families of Station Nightclub fire victims upset over Pokestop

West Warwick, RI -- Relatives of the victims of the Station Nightclub fire are upset that the memorial site is now a Pokestop in the game Pokemon Go.

The Associated Press learned about a Pokestop at the memorial site, which is currently fenced off while under construction, last week while visiting the site.  The Station Nightclub is the location where 100 people were killed when pyrotechnics caught soundproofing materials on fire (see the fire in history article here). 

Many of the family members of victims and survivors are outraged.  "You're kidding me.  It's not a gaming kind of place," said Chris Fontaine, the father of Mark, a 22 year old who was killed in the fire.

Survivor, Victoria Potvin Eagan said, "That is just so disrespectful.  Graveyards and memorial sites especially are meant to honor and respect a certain person or event, not to make light of it."

Robert Bruyere's stepdaughter, 27 year old Bonnie Hamelin was killed, "For them to use a memorial site, that's just wrong."  He also noted how the description was wrong.  The game describes a site where 200 people were killed when 100 were actually killed.  "At least have your facts straight."

Read the full story here. 

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