Another Tragedy in Aurora, CO - Apt. Fire Killed 2, Injured 15

2 People Die and 15 People Were Injured in an Apartment Building Blaze in Aurora, CO

Mere miles away from the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus, where Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes went to school, a suspected arson took place in an Aurora, CO apartment building.

Two people were killed and fifteen people were injured when a fire erupted  in the four-story building.  Residents scrambled for rescue, some hanging out windows and others waiting for the fire ladders.

Witnesses report seeing a person flee with a gas can.     

This is an unfortunate example of why residential fire sprinklers are vital.  Because only sprinklers in the immediate fire area are triggered, property sustains less damage.  Another major benefit is life safety.  There has never been a multiple person death on record in a building with fire sprinklers.  Additionally, 91% of fires are completely extinguished with fire sprinklers.  Learn more about residential fire sprinklers here.