Industry Leading EMR Rating

F.E. Moran has achieved a .76 Experience Modification Rating (EMR) by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). The NCCI is a United States insurance rating and data collection bureau that specializes in workers' compensation. F.E. Moran has continuously exceeded the industry standard of 1.0.

An EMR is calculated based on a comparison of the claim history of similar companies in the industry to F.E. Moran's claim history. After the calculations were complete, it was determined that F.E. Moran was significantly safer than others in the industry, beating the average by 0.24.

F.E. Moran has developed a safety program designed to preserve the safety of all individuals involved. The program utilizes a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), daily safety meetings, safety equipment, and an intense safety training prior to working on the job site.