Sprinklers Put Out Flames in Longview Fire Station

Sprinklers put out flames in Longview fire station

By:  news-journal.com

It was the last place anyone would expect a fire - inside Longview Fire Station No. 6.

The fire that broke out about 9:15 a.m. Tuesday served as a reminder that no place is fireproof, said Fire Marshal Johnny Zackary.

"This is a newer building, and it goes to show that nothing is fireproof," Zackary said. "Just about any building can burn, but this one was helped because it meets all the current prevention requirements."

Zackary said the fire started at the station in the 2000 block of McCann Road near the exhaust pipe of the engine bay heater.

After a small fire started, a single sprinkler extinguished the flames and stopped the fire from growing.

"That sprinkler system worked. It probably made what would have been a big loss a minimum event," Zackary said.

Firefighters were in their living area at the time of the fire; it was already extinguished by the time they reached the heater.

The Longview Fire Department will examine similar heaters to verify that there is not a future threat of fire.

"We will be looking at similar heaters to make sure it won't reoccur," Zackary said. "We will need to look to see if any of these have the potential to start a fire."