Jaguar Dealership Saved by Fire Sprinklers

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Jaguar Dealership saved by fire sprinklers

Wilmette, IL -- A Jaguar dealership's fire sprinklers activated, saving the dealership from major damage when a light fixture sparked in the showroom.

The fire happened on August 11, according to Wilmette Fire Chief Mike McGreal.  However, Jordan Aron, the dealship owner, reported that he is stringent about life safety and fire sprinkler installation and regular inspection and maintenance are a priority.

On August 11, the fire sprinklers activated when a ceiling light fixture sparked a fire in the southwest section of the showroom.  The fire traveled to one car in the showroom that was directly below the light.  Fire crews remained on the scene un August 12 at 1:30am.

"This particular building is all wood, and it has a bolstering truss roof.  If the truss had burned out, the whole roof could have gone," said Chief McGreal.  He compared this incident to the Woman's Club of Wilmette.  In February 2015, the building, which also was an all wood building collapsed after catching fire.

"This is a much better outcome," Chief McGreal said.  In fact, the dealership was able to open back up the very same day (August 12) once fire crews removed the fire sprinkler water.

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