Fire Chief: Sprinklers are the Future for Fire Protection

Camden, SC (WLTX) - The Camden Fire Chief says he thinks sprinklers in the home is how we'll protect structures and lives in the future.

When a structure doesn't have a sprinkler, fire spreads and spreads quickly. However, when sprinklers are installed, they automatically spray water on a fire if one starts.

We set two side by side rooms on fire and put a sprinkler in one of them.

The room without the sprinkler was a total loss compared to the other, which did have a sprinkler spray the fire less than a minute after it started.

"In the long run it's going to add very little cost to a newly constructed home," said Camden Fire Chief John Bowers.

Bowers says the systems are more cost efficient than they used to be and in some cases can be installed for less than $2.00 per square foot.

Bowers says while installing sprinklers in existing homes might be comprehensive, he thinks all new construction should include fire sprinkler systems.

"The life saving potential is just so much more than any other protections that we have."  Tags:  fire potection, residential fire protection, residential fire sprinklers, home fire sprinklers, new construction fire protection