Sprinklers Prove Their Worth in Walworth Fire


A potentially devastating fire was avoided today in a warehouse in Andover.

Fire crews were called to the warehouse in Walworth Business Park at 8.21am where the sprinkler system activated and immediately started to control the fire.

The building was one per cent damaged by fire but this would have been much worse without a sprinkler system.

Group Manager Stew Adamson said, "The effect of fire on businesses can be catastrophic and 80 per cent fail within one year following a fire. This business is still operating and the fire did not affect surrounding businesses due to the sprinkler system. All businesses should have plans in place to prevent fire, respond to fire and importantly recover after a fire."

In this incident two sprinkler heads were activated and in the majority of cases only the relevant sprinklers will go off and control the fire. Sprinkler heads will only go off were there is heat from an actual fire. The warehouse is of steel construction measuring 120 metres by 85 metres. Firefighters used 14 breathing apparatus, one hose reel and one jet to ensure the blaze had been extinguished.

Crews from Andover, Whitchurch, Overton and Basingstoke were in attendance.

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