Sprinklers Prevent Major Warehouse Fire

Firefighters in Hampshire have credited an automatic sprinkler system with preventing what could have been a devastating blaze at a warehouse in Andover.

Crews from Andover, Whitchurch, Overton and Basingstoke were called to the site on the Walworth Industrial Estate at around 8.20am on Monday November 26th.

They used a hose reel and jet to ensure the flames were extinguished, but their work was made easier because the sprinklers within the warehouse had already been activated before they arrived.

The system began to control the fire immediately and prevent any major damage to the building.

As a result only one per cent of the warehouse was affected by the blaze, which, according to investigators, was started by an electrical fault onsite.

Stew Adamson, a group manager at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, said the effect on the business had the sprinklers not been in place could have been catastrophic.

Indeed, he pointed out that 80 per cent of companies hit by fire fail within a year after the incident.

"This business is still operating and the fire did not affect surrounding businesses due to the sprinkler system," he remarked.

"All businesses should have plans in place to prevent fire, respond to fire and importantly recover after a fire."

According to the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association ( BAFSA ), in buildings that are fully protected by sprinklers, some 99 per cent of fires are controlled by the sprinklers alone.

In 60 per cent of cases the blaze is controlled by the spray from no more than four sprinklers.

During this particular incident in Andover, just two of the sprinklers on site were activated, demonstrating the huge difference even a small sprinkler system can make to fire safety.

The BAFSA statistics also show that losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are around a tenth of those in buildings without them.



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