Sprinkler Douses Kitchen Fire

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Sprinkler douses kitchen fire

SEDONA -- Just before midnight, Monday, Sedona Fire District emergency crews were called to the 4000 block on Navoti Drive for a reported structure fire in a multi-unit timeshare building. When fire fighters arrived, the first crew in a ground unit, the fire had already been extinguished by a single fire sprinkler head mounted above the kitchen stove.

The timeshare unit suffered moderate water damage as a result of the sprinkler.

"Fire sprinklers provide a quick and immediate response to the fire with a small amount of water. Without sprinklers, the amount of water to control the fire would be considerably more. The fire damage would also have been much worse, "cautions Sedona Fire District Fire Marshal Gary Johnson.

A guest of the timeshare heard the smoke detector sounding and saw a fire from the microwave and alerted the three others guests and they evacuated the unit.

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