Sprinkler System Helps Contain Overnight Fire

Sprinklers helped contain what could have been a much larger fire in a Des Plaines businesswarehouse fire sprinklers building early Sunday morning.

Crews responded to an activated fire alarm in a building at the corner of Graceland Avenue and Rand Road at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 3. According to Fire Chief Alan Wax, firefighters found a large blaze in a shop area at the north end of 216 Graceland Ave., but were able to quickly extinguish the flames with the aid of automatic fire sprinklers in the building.

While Wax said the fire started in or near a storage rack in the shop, it is not clear who or what sparked the fire. Investigation of a cause continued Sunday.

No one was in the building when the fire broke out and no one was injured, Wax added. Preliminary damage estimate stands at $25,000.

"There is a lesson here," said Wax. "This building was required to install fire sprinklers when it was remodeled about 15 years ago. The sprinklers definitely saved this building and the various occupancies within it."

Wax added had the sprinklers not been activated, the fire could have advanced deep into the building's open wooden truss ceiling, further damaging the structure.

Businesses that utilize the building include Ama Dancers & Co., Protech Roofing and Workmasters, Inc.

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