Nursing Home Fire in Hebbronville

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Forty-eight Hebbronville residents are temporarily residing in the city of Alice after a small fire broke out in a nursing home Sunday.  Lisa and Gabriel Guerra were on their way home from church Sunday when they witnessed shocking news right down the street from their home.

"We saw all the ambulance, the people out there. What actually caught our attention were the beds. The residents were out there on their beds, the ones I guess who couldn't walk."
A small fire had broken out in Meridian nursing home.

It turns out; it was in Gabriel's grandmother’s room where the fire started.
"My first thing was to look for my Grandmother first to see if she was ok and anyone else that was already there."

Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Seven residents, according to the sheriff's office, were transported to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. Meridian nursing home officials said a television started the small fire.

They did not want our cameras inside, but said the damage is very minimal.
"Basically the damage to the television set, the outlet and some drywall that will need to be replaced due to smoke damage."

Residents were transported to the Alice Meridian nursing home where they will temporarily reside. Nursing home managers said they hope all of their residents will soon return.
"We hope to start receiving them in the next 24 to 48 hours. We are just making final preparations and receiving final clearance from the state fire Marshall that all is safe."

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