Fire Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire at Arlington Heights Dealership

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Fire Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire at Arlington Heights Dealership

In the early hours of Friday, a fire sparked at the Arlington Heights Nissan dealership.  The dealership was equipped with well-maintained fire sprinklers that quickly stopped the blaze.

A passerbyer saw the flames and smoke just after midnight.  They called the fire department, who arrived quickly.

The fire crew believes that the fire started from a car that was brought in to be serviced.  It was parked in the dealership warehouse. 

The building was empty and no injuries were reported.

"The fire sprinkler system had activated and put out the fire prior to our arrival.  It all worked out well, and it's a great thing that they had working sprinklers.  Sometimes people worry about water damage, but sprinklers always do more good than harm," said Battalion Chief Tom Zerfass.

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