VIDEO: Indiana Auto Business Gutted by Overnight Fire

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DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) - A longtime Decatur business was destroyed by a large fire overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Shortly before midnight, Decatur firefighters were called to 721 North 13th Street to Shaffer Investment Auto.

The first arriving firefighters found the 30 foot by 30 foot building fully engulfed in flames, according to Decatur Fire Department Chief Les Marckel.

Marckel said about 40 firefighters from Decatur and Preble took about an hour to get the fire under control.

No injuries were reported.

Marckel said the building is a total loss. Various car parts and items associated with an eBay business were inside the building. There were no hazardous chemicals inside. At least two vehicles near the building were destroyed by the intense heat and flames.

The roof over the back half of the building collapsed, and a portion of a wall facing 13th Street is gone.

The owner of the business, Dan Shaffer, said he plans to rebuild.

Shaffer said he'd been running an eBay business from inside the building. Shaffer said the market forced him to find another source of income for his business.

Shaffer said years ago he sold a couple vintage automobiles to Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson. Jackson has been a collector of classic autos for years and is known as "Mr. October" to New York Yankees fans.

Crews closed a portion of 13th Street for about an hour as firefighters dropped hoses across the four lanes of traffic.

Marckel said cold temperatures and wind did not help firefighters. Embers from the fire lifted across the road onto the another auto business. No damage or fire was reported to Shifferly across 13th Street. Firefighters kept a close eye on several buildings in the area.

Cold temperatures also froze water on the ground in the immediate area around Shaffer's. A truck was called to spread salt on the road and around areas where firefighters were working.


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Shaffer Investment Auto gutted by overnight fire in Decatur