Daytona Beach Hotel Evacuated Over Fire

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A Daytona Beach hotel was evacuated Tuesday afternoon because of a fire.

The Daytona Beach Fire Department said they arrived at the Bay View Hotel at 1247 Orange Avenue around 5 p.m.

When firefighters arrived, officials say they were guided to the rear of the 3-story wood-framed commercial structure where light smoke was seen.

Authorities say initial reports pointed to construction workers removing the metal fire escape in the rear of the building as the possible cause of the fire.  Firefighters believe that workers were using a welding torch to cut away the metal and set fire to pieces of rotting wood.

Authorities say fire crews were forced to breach exterior and interior walls, and make trench-type cuts in the floor to search for the fire.

Firefighters were also forced to utilize these tactics due to the age of the building and no fire stops being in place to prevent the fire from traveling. Officials said fire crews were able to find the burning wood between the second and third floor and stop the spread of the fire.

Officials said 50 residents displaced by the fire were taken to a Red Cross shelter in Daytona Beach.  

Two individuals were treated for shortness of breath issues and the damage to the building is estimated to exceed $50,000, said officials.

It's not known when they will be allowed to return to the hotel.