5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection: What do I need to know?

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5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection

The five year fire sprinkler system inspection is one of the most important inspections.  It is the only one that looks inside the pipes to make sure that there is no corrosion that could cause a fire sprinkler failure.

The five year inspection is an internal inspection that is conducted on every other wet-pipe fire sprinkler and all dry-pipe fire sprinklers.  During the check valve inspection, valves are taken apart, checked for debris or corrosion, cleaned, and then property owners are advised of any issues.

So, as a property owner or manager - what do you need to know?  

Where do the fire sprinkler inspectors look for corrosion?

Inspectors check at the flushing connection at the end of a main and a sprinkler head at the end of one branch line.

What are inspectors looking for?

They are searching for any organic or inorganic foreign matter that could inhibit the activation of a fire sprinkler. 

What type of inspection does an "at risk" facility need to have?

At-risk facilities require internal pipe examinations at the system valve, riser, cross main, and branch line. 

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