6 Displaced by Large Pallet Fire

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Chicago, IL -- Witness, Nancy Munoz, was coming home from the Monday night Bears game when she saw a large fire behind her parent's West Town home.

By the time Munoz saw the fire, it was already huge.  "I saw a lot of fire," Munoz said.

Munoz and her parents were three of six people displaced by the fire.  The fire started in the yard of a pallet company on Damen Avenue and Ferdinand Street.  No one was injured in the fire.

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When the Chicago Fire Department arrived, it had already spread.  It was moved to a 3-11 alarm fire.  The main concern for fire personnel were exposure to three nearby buildings, which included the 2-story home belonging to the Munoz family.

"We were concerned for those buildings because we didn't want the fire to spread to them.  We made an aggressive attack, elevating the alarms at that time," said Assistant Fire Commissioner William Vogt.

About 100 firefighters responded to the fire.  They used tower ladders to reach inside the pallet yard.  Pallets produce a lot of heat, making pallet fires very difficult to fight.  Propane tanks were also in the pallet yard.  They were exploding during the fire.

Around 1am, firefighters got the fire under control and were just patrolling for hot spots.  

The other two buildings that firefighters were concerned about were okay.  Only the Munoz house was damaged.  

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