Cigarette Ignites Fire at Tavern

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Cigarette Ignites Tavern Fire

Cleveland, OH -- A discarded cigarette that was left in a supply closet caught the Greenhouse Tavern on fire. 

The fire started at 9pm in a closet connected to a stairwell that leads to the rooftop of the bar.  The restaurant was closed and no one was in the building when the fire ignited.  It took hours for the cigarette to build into a fire, so the person who is responsible was already gone.

The damage was estimated at $10,000.  

The fire was hard to fight because that particular street is not accessible by vehicle.  It is only for pedestrians.  Firefighters used fire extinguishers until they could run the hose up.

The next day, a sign was up at the restaurant thanking the fire crews for their help.

There were no fire sprinklers reported. 


Read the full story here. 

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