Apartment complex destroyed by fire reopens to residents

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St. Louis (KSDK) - It's a new chapter for hundreds of people on Lindell Boulevard.

Exactly 13 months ago a fire gutted the 3949 Apartment Complex in midtown. Uncontrolled flames tore across the roof of the building leaving the structure a smoldering ruin.

The official cause of the fire was never determined. But fire officials say the blaze spread quickly because it was burning in the attic space above the sprinkler systems.

The apartments have since been rebuilt. And during Saturday's move-in day for residents, safety was top of mind.

So far about 70 people have moved into the building including St. Louis University theater major Tyler Linke. He watched the building burn last summer, but had no reservations about moving into a place with a charred past.

"The idea of having a brand new apartment this close to campus that had not been lived in before had a certain amount of allure to it. So I thought, why not?"

Community Manager Brad Bootz says added safety measures were a part of the rebuilding process.

"The sprinkler system was expanded to cover the attic. We have one hundred percent of the property sprinklered," said Bootz. "We also added a stairwell for additional egress that we decided would be a good idea."

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