Home News Sprinklers extinguish fire at Charlottesville body shop

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A Charlottesville auto body shop's sprinkler system contained a paint booth fire Friday afternoon, fire officials said.

Robert Pleasants, an employee of Premo Auto Body, said he was working in the booth about 1:30 p.m. were the blaze began. Pleasants said he was about to begin the process of drying paint on a car, when he "turned around and saw flames," Pleasants said. "It was crazy."

Employees were able to evacuate the building in the 1500 block of Sixth Street Southeast without injury said Fire Chief Richard Jones. Due to the sprinkler system, only heavy smoke remained by the time firefighters arrived, he said.

Firefighters ventilated smoke and fumes from the building.

The incident could have been worse, Pleasants said. A section of the paint booth contained flammable chemicals and paints.

"If it would've hit that, that would've took the whole block out," he said.

An estimate of the amount of damage to the building was unavailable at press time.

Story provided by:  dailyprogress.com