Senior Citizens Injured in Senior High-Rise with No Fire Sprinklers

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senior citizens injured in high-rise fire

Los Angeles, CA -- A fifteen story, city-owned high-rise building for seniors caught fire, injuring residents.  There were no fire sprinklers. 

The fire broke out at 8:45pm on Monday on the fourth floor of the building.  Five residents were injured.  Three required hospitalization for smoke inhalation or burns.

The fire required 150 firefighters.  They were faced with multiple challenges as they fought the fire.  "This building did not have sprinklers to assist in holding the flames in check, and there were no self-closing doors to assist in the compartmentilzation of the smoke and fire," said LAFD's Erik Scott.

Firefighters were there for 42 minutes.  They dragged hose lines about 100 feet down a black hallway into the fire-involved units.

Despite the lack of fire sprinklers and self-closing doors, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, which owns the building, said that they passed a fire inspection in July.  The building "is equipped with a fire system which includes fire alarms, smoke detectors in common areas as well as inside of the units," they released in a statement.

Read the full story here. 

Learn more about senior living fire sprinklers here. 

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