Sprinklers help contain Winooski fire

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A sprinkler system helped stop a fire Thursday morning at a residential complex in Winooski.

Officials say the blaze at the East Street Condominiums broke out after a resident was smoking a cigarette in her second-floor unit and her mattress began smoldering.

Residents say smoking is allowed in the units.

The fire department received a call from the occupant and the sprinkler system was activated.

"The sprinkler system, because it was a sprinkler building, it was able to keep the fire in check. So by the time they had arrived on scene, most of the fire was out and they used a dry chemical to extinguish the rest of the fire," Winooski Assistant Fire Chief Erika Bailey explained.

Officials say no one was injured, but they will have to conduct a full investigation to determine if other units in the building were affected.


Story provided by:  wcax.com