UPDATE: Quebec Senior Home Fire

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Thursday morning's blaze caused a horrific scene in the town of L'lsle-Verte in Quebec.  Most residents were over 85 years old, and many would not be able to get out without assistance due to Alzheimer's Disease or a physical disability.  

As of January 24th, it has been determined that 30 people remain missing and 5 are declared dead.  Neighbors saw horror first hand.  Pascal Fillion, who lived near the senior home, saw an elderly man on fire on a third floor balcany.  I neighbor tried to rescue him with a ladder, but couldn't reach him.  The man ended up jumping.

Because the neighbors saw such horror, the Quebec Minister of Social Services, Veronique Hivon, is sending psychologists door-to-door throughout the community.  Hivon said, "People are in a state of shock.  We want them to know the services are there by going door to door.  It's an important building that's a part of their community that just disapeared."

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