Sandy Funds Will Pay for NY Fire Sprinklers

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On December 19th, New York issued a bulletin to local code officials stating that some elevated homes will now be required to install fire sprinklers.  Three story homes have more fire hazards than two-story homes; additionally, firefighters and occupants need to navigate through more stairs.  Since this bulletin was released, homeowners who needed to raise their property due to the Sandy storm have been contacting NY Rising, the company that distributes funds, non-stop.

Kevin Reilly, a Long Beach resident who plans to raise his home, said, "That's a homerun for everybody," if the agency really will fund the fire sprinkler systems without conditions.

NY contractor Ben Jackson said, "My concern was that it was putting undue burden on people.  [If NY Rising is] going to pay for it, I'm sure people are going to be interested."

New York's new fire sprinkler requirement applies to two-story homes that get elevated with an enclosed ground level.  Local officials are responsible for enforcing the rules, which apply whether or not the homeowner got the permit before or after the ordinance was announced.

In your opinion, do you believe that homeowners should be required to get fire sprinklers installed, even if they got a permit before the fire sprinkler requirement went into effect?