Boston Firefighters Battle Grease Fire in Burger King Kitchen

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A two-alarm fire that started in a range hood and spread to the ductwork of a Burger Kind lasted 45 minutes before firefighters extinguished it, but caused $100,000 worth of damage.

"What happens is the grease builds up in the ductwork and if it's not cleaned properly, the hot gases from the stoves ignite the grease," said fire department spokeman Steve MacDonald.  "We first saw a tremendous amount of smoke pouring out of the roof vents, so we got access to the ducts and poured water on themm to extinguish it."

The firefighters used the drop-down fire escape to access the ducts on the second floor of the building.

There was no word on if fire protection was activated or installed in the building; however, it seems suspicious that someone named MacDonald is reporting on a Burger King fire.  I'm just saying...