TN Thanks Sprinkler System for Saving Assisted Living Facility

Interested in learning more about fire protection for assisted living facilities?  You can calculate a rough estimate of how much it will cost to install fire sprinklers here.

An Oak Ridge, TN assisted living center experienced a fire last week and the state is now thanking fire sprinklers for saving the residents and property.

When a fire broke out last Friday, a fire sprinkler activated and contained the fire to the room of origin and extinguishing it, working exactly the way it is supposed to.  All residents were safely evacuated.

"The damage to the building was minimal, and no residents were displaced," said Oak Ridge Fire Department Chief Darryl Kerley.  "Without the sprinkler system, we believe the outcome would be very different."

A deadly TN assisted living facility fire in 2003 prompted TN to mandate fire sprinklers for a nursing homes.

Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention, Gary West, said, "We encourage home and business owners to consider installing sprinkler systems.  The lifesaving capabilities of these systems can be the difference during a fire."