Savannah Warehouse Fire Investigation is Underway

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A massive fire at a Savannah warehouse has finally been extinguished after two days.  Now, attention is being focused on figuring out the cause and beginning clean up.

The fire burned 50% of the warehouse that housed 1,800 tons of crude rubber.

"Safety has always been our first and foremost concern," said GPA Chief Operating Officer Griff Lynch.  "We have worked very closely with Savannah fire, the state Environmental Protection Division, the EPA, and the U.S. Coast Guard.  We brought in air monitoring equipment, not only for the terminal, but the surrounding communities as well."

The plume of smoke from the fire hovered over the entire city of Savannah all of Saturday.  "We monitored the air quality throughout the night.  The result of the air monitoring indicates that the levels found are well below health based standards," said Terry Stilman, EPA's Federal On-the-scene Coordinator.  They recommend for residents to limit time outdoors until conditions improve.