Former CEO Recalls Lessons Learned from Toronto Hospital Fire

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Tom Closson had a 44 year career as a hospital CEO and in those 44 years, one day stood out amongst all others:  June 4, 1997.  Three vets dies in a tragic fire in the K-wing of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, a senior's home for war veterans.

The fire ignited when a WWII vet, who had just been discharged from the  psychiatric wing the day before, set his roommate's bed on fire.  The man had a history of behavioral problems including dementia and PTSD.

The fire marshal said to Closson, "You know, it's very likely two of those people would have lived if there had been sprinklers."  He installed fire sprinklers right after that fire and has been a proponant ever since.  To read the whole article, click here.