5 Common Fire Code Violations

According to the NFPA, 99,500 business fires, 65 deaths, 1,525 injuries, and $2.5 million in damages occurred in 2012.  Properly maintained equipment will reduce the chances of death, injury, or damage to a business or employee.  There are many ways that fire protection can become non-compliant that many facilities may not know is a violation.

1.  Painted sprinkler heads - painting a sprinkler head to match the walls or ceiling can inhibit the flow or activation of the sprinkler.  If a fire event occured, a painted sprinkler head may not even activate.  It isn't worth the risk just to make it look prettier.

2.  Fire extinguishers that don't meet the hazard requirement - each facility houses its own hazards.  Make sure that the fire extinguishers in your facility meet your hazards and that you have enough extinguishers to meet the facility size.

3.  Failure to test emergency lighting - OSHA requires emergency and exit signs and lighting to be tested for 30 seconds monthly and for 90 minutes annually.

4.  Alarm systems not tested as required - follow NFPA 72's requirements for testing fire alarms.

5.  No inspection paperwork - you need to have paperwork to prove that you had an inspection.  F.E. Moran Fire Protection has client portals that contain password protected inspection reports.  You can access them anytime online.

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