Sprinkler Extinguishes Fire at Assisted Living Facility

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Combustibles too close to a light bulb in a closet caused a fire at an assisted living facility.  A single sprinkler head extinguished the fire, acting as a prime example why fire sprinklers are required in assisted living facilities.

Everett Firefighters responded to an automatic fire alarm shortly after midnight on February 26th.  When firefighters arrived, occupants were already in the process of evacuating and the fire had already been completely extinguished by a single sprinkler head.

According to the US Fire Administration, "The most effective fire loss prevention and reduction measure, with respect to both life and property, is the installation and maintenance of fire sprinklers.  Fire sprinkler systems offer the optimum level of fire safety because they control the fire immediately in the room of origin, help prevent flashover and often extinguish the fire before the fire department arrives on the scene."