4 Hospitalized and Several Missing After Massive Apt Fire

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Authorities are saying that 4 people are hospitalized and several others are missing and presumed dead after a massive fire at an apartment complex. Eighty firefighters and twenty trucks responded to the scene.

"We had civilians who were transported to the hospital, some of them sustained injuries from jumping from the second and third floor windows," Detroit Fire Commissioner Jonathon Jackson said.

Resident Shantell Brooks said, "I wasn't even awake 10 minutes by the time the fire department came.  I have no shoes on, I have no nothing.  The only thing I was able to grab was my pants and a jacket, that's it.  It's very scary.  This is my first experience going through this."

Detroit Fire Arson Chief Charles Simms said nearly all of the building's 42 units were occupied and at least 12 tennants are not accounted for.

Fire dispatch traffic said there are several fatalities, but police will not confirm that.

Hours before the fire erupted, police were called to the complex after a report of a rape.  Police say they have not ruled out that the incidents are connected.