UPDATE: Authorities Respond to Massive Explosion in East Harlem

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A huge explosion has injured at least fifteen and killed two people in East Harlem.  A Con Ed spokesman said that he received a call about a gas leak at 9:13am by a resident in the building.  Two minutes later a utility truck was dispatched to the area.  When they arrived, the explosion had already happened.

Dark smoke rose over the residential area by 9:30am.  Hundreds of firefighters arrived, spraying down the blaze from ladders.

The Metro North commuter rail was stopped because debris landed on the tracks.  

One neighbor said, "I heard an explosion.  The impact of the explosion jammed the doors.  I couldn't get out the house.  It was loud."

"Two buildings collapsed.  I hope there is no one in there.  It's just rubble," said a nearby flea market worker.