Man Died in House Fire after Docs Gave him One Month to Live

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A man died this morning at 5:30am in Baltimore when his home caught on fire.  

Oliphant was on home hospice with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with multiple oxygen tanks in the house.  He was also a smoker, making it likely, a cigarette caught an oxygen tank on fire.

His daughter, Karen Bourne said, "He was frail, but I left there at 9 o'clock and everything was normal.  We had an argument last night, and that's even worse.  I got mad, and what do you do, you know?  I mean, it's still your dad, whether he's sick or not, you know?  I left in a huff but I was, you know, didn't expect anything like this."

Opiphant came out onto the porch, but the porch collapsed before firefighters could get to him.

Reports on the cause and fire protection measures have not been released.