A Fire Hits a WI Sorority House Lacking Fire Sprinklers

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A March 14th morning fire at the Tri Sigma sorority house at UW-Whitewater sent one girl to the hospital and caused $150k in damages.  

The fire was reported at 10:44am.  Smoke and flames were visible throughout the first floor of the house.  When fire fighters arrived, all residents had evacuated the home; however, one resident had to be transported to Mercy Hospital for minor injuries.

The fire caused $150k in damages, mostly from smoke.  The damage extends through the whole house, but the majority of the damage is to the first floor.

The Whitewater police, fire, and arson task force is investigating the cause, but authorities do not believe it was arson.

The Wisconsin Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association released a press release stating that there was a sorority and fratnerity house deadline to install fire sprinklers by January 1, 2014, and this house did not meet the deadline.

The Fire Sprinkler Association was told by the Whitewater Fire Department that the sorority house was in the process of installing fire sprinklers, but the installation was not completed by the time of the fire.