UND Student "Fighting for Life" after Fire Rescue by Roommate

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University of North Dakota students, Matt Heisler and Ryan Nelson, experienced a fire at their house near campus.  Heiser was home, cooking, when a fire ignited from the food being left unattended on the stove.  

Nelson came home around 2:40 am, and saw through the window that his apartment was full of smoke.  He threw a brick through his roommate's window.  When Heisler didn't come to the window, Nelson went to the front door to find his roommate.

Heisler's family wrote:

"Ryan could see the smoke in the windows and immediately ran to the back of the house where Matt's room is and broke the window by throwing a brick.  Ryan climbed inside but when he couldn't find Matt on his bed he didn't give up.  Ryan climbed back out the window and went back to the front door forcing his way through heavy smoke on his hands and knees and searched for Matt until he found him.  Ryan carried Matt out of the house and when he realized there was no heart beat, he gave Matt CPR and mouth-to-mouth until he got his heart to start beating again.  When the two boys got to the hospital...Matt went into cardiac arrest again."

Heisler was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center in MN where he has been in a hyperbaric chamber to get the carbon monoxide out of his lungs.

The Heisler family has a history with hospitals.  Matt's sister died when she was four of a heart condition.  Ever since then, the entire family has been volunteering at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital and began "Aly's house," a refuge for parents receiving critical care.